Upcoming Webinars

In the spirit of cooperation during hard times, these Webinars are FREE for all as we navigate this pandemic. 

VSFA Virtual Spring Meeting

Wednesday, June 3, 2020
1:00pm to 3:00pm

Join us for our Virtual Spring Meeting on Wednesday, June 3rd from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. This 2-hour event will feature two informative presentations focused on business resiliency, strategy, and adaptation for Vermont’s specialty food & beverage producers and supporting industries making their way through the current crisis. FREE to VSFA and VRGA Members; $10 Non-Member.

Session 1: Business Planning for the Unknown
Presented by Lawrence Miller, Principal, Five Vine Consulting

Session 2: The Future of Wholesale
Presented by Allison Ball, Founder, Allison Ball Consulting

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Past Webinars

Webinar Wednesday: E-Commerce Series

The Vermont Specialty Food Association developed this webinar series in partnership with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets. This series will focused on certain aspects of E-Commerce for companies looking to expand, leverage, and grow their current E-Commerce business. Thank you to Lean Edge Marketing and KW Content for sharing their expertise and developing these sessions with us.

1.Optimizing your E-Commerce Strategy, Presented by Bud Reed, Lean Edge Marketing

Watch the Recorded Webinar Here

Slide Presentation - Optimizing E-Commerce Strategy

Best Google Analytics Reports - Lean Edge

2. Selling on Amazon, Presented by Tom Funk, Lean Edge Marketing

Watch the Recorded Webinar Here

Slide Presentation - Selling on Amazon

3. Digital Communication with Consumers, Presented by Katie Wight, KW Content

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Slide Presentation - KW Content

Marketing Terms Glossary - KW Content


How to Retail in the time of COVID-19

Presenter: Bob Phibbs, known as the Retail Doctor. Bob has worked with hundreds of large retail brands including Bernina, LEGO, and Yamaha, as well as the smallest mom and pops, and everything in between. 

We know you have been struggling ... and we want to help. VRGA in conjunction with the Council of State Retail Associations (CSRA), is hosting a webinar that will refocus your retail plan to not only survive COVID-19, but help you thrive!

This webinar is different from the traditional “woe is me” message. It will get you focused on something positive. The webinar covers how store operations must change, how to market yourself -- including the do’s and don’ts of Facebook live -- and how to get in the right mindset to not just survive but to win as stores re-open. 

Watch the Recorded Webinar Here

This free course from Bob aims to help you develop a plan for reopening as well as train your staff how to interact with customers in this new normal -- to care for them rather than wait on them.

This course includes these 8 lessons, based on questions submitted from retailers all over the world:

How to See Opportunity in the Chaos
How to Reform and Rebuild Your Team
Quick Tips for Adapting to Long-Term Changes
How to Successfully Manage the Merchandise Conundrum
How and Why to Approach Reopening like a New Business
How to Welcome Customers to Your New Normal
How to Pivot Conversations to Keep Things Positive
How and Why to Use Role Play in Sales Training
The course also includes 5 role play exercises to download and use with your staff.

Course on Reopening Retail and Rebuilding Trust

How to Stay Growth-Oriented and Resilient in Your Retail, Grocery, or Specialty Foods Business

This interactive online workshop from DowntownUp will give you strategic tools, perspectives, and support to sustain and grow your business during the COVID-19 crisis and come out strong as the crisis passes. We will avoid getting stuck in the whirlwind of fear and uncertainty and instead help you create a focused, doable action plan based squarely on what you have proactive control over that will give your business an edge for growth and on-going resiliency.

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Watch the recorded Webinar here  

What You Need to Know About COVID-19

VSFA and VRGA collaborated with UVM Extension to present some basic information about the virus (SARS-CoV-2), the disease (COVID-19), and additional online resources. We respond to some of the questions we have received about COVID-19 in the context of the daily activities of food manufacturer/food handler

Watch the recorded webinar here


Doing Business in these Uncertain Times 

Presented by Paul Frank + Collins P.C. on 3/25, VSFA and VRGA members joined Senior Partners Karen Stackpole, Kris Brines, Chris Leff, Shane McCormack, and Bob DiPalma from Paul Frank + Collins for a live webinar to discuss employment issues, financing issues, contact problems and related questions that may arise as this pandemic continues to evolve. Download the slide presentation.

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Business Planning in Uncertain Times

The business world has changed radically in recent months and more change is coming. Business owners need to make tough decisions to survive and, ultimately, to adapt their business models to the new reality that emerges. There are great risks, but also great opportunities for the businesses that navigate the next several months successfully.

Bryan Ducharme of Venture 7 Advisors presents three different analytical tools that any business owner can use to make data-driven decisions at a time when emotions are running high and business outlooks are changing on a daily basis. He reviews each model in detail discussing its purpose, its strengths and limitations. Download the slide presentation.

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Getting started with virtual retail in the Covid19 era

With the closure of businesses nationwide, the ability to sell product direct to consumer online is more important than ever. Jacob Dubois, founder of Burlington based UpTown Cow, leads this session on virtual retail platforms. Uptown Cow is a full service e-commerce management company that works with clients to grow their online sales.

Jacob covers how to get started with online selling platforms, plugins, photography tips, and more. You'll leave the session with a solid understanding of how to get your e-commerce program up and running.

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Social Media 101: The Basics of Facebook and Instagram for Business

Molly Goodyear, founder of 802Social, leads this session focused on the basics of instagram and facebook for businesses. From best practices for account setup to post examples, general trends, and more, this session will provide what you need to get your accounts up and running!

Watch the Recorded Webinar Here