Bia Diagnostics Laboratories

Bia Diagnostics is a leading ISO 17025 accredited food, beverage and nutraceutical testing laboratory located in Colchester, VT. With over 40 years of diagnostics experience, we specialize in Food Allergen, GMO, Food Authenticity, Fermented Beverage, Microbiological, and Cannabis/Hemp testing. Focusing on these six critical sectors, our expert scientists are dedicated to working with you to ensure the most accurate and timely results, providing same-day analysis for most testing needs at no additional cost! Bia Diagnostics Laboratories utilize the latest technologies in analysis including ELISA, PCR, HPLC, and GCMS methodology. Our extensive portfolio includes over 20 different food allergen analytes as well as GMO, total meat, and vegan screens with quantitative individual events. In addition, our comprehensive cannabis and fermented beverage divisions offer microbial, potency and contaminant testing applicable to a wide variety of matrices. Bia Diagnostics’ team of experienced scientists provide personal customer service, partnering with you to serve as your laboratory.

Name Adam Bouchard
Phone 8025400148
Address Bia Diagnostics Laboratories
480 Hercules Dr Suite 101
Colchester, VT 05446