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Gail's Grains To Go

A great way to eat hot cereal cold on a hot day or any day you are on the run and want heart healthy fast!Mix 1 cup dry (uncooked) Vermont Morning® with 1 cup plain non-fat yogurt.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.  Scoop out your portion size and top with your favorite fruit, sliced as needed or not.  Our favorites are bananas, apples, red grapes, and all the berries.  Use two or three for lots of flavor bursts and different textures.  Add a little milk for a smoother feel.   Add a little honey if you like it sweeter or use a flavored yogurt that is sweetened.  Add chopped pecans or almonds for added crunch if you like.

The tart yogurt, sweet fruit, and richness of the grains are a wonderful combination.  
Vegans can soak the grains in a milk substitute overnight.