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VSFA Member Spotlight - April 2020

Rival Brands - VSFA Member Spotlight

Rival Brands is a strategy-first branding and design studio focusing on bringing transformative clarity and action to consumer-packaged goods and food and beverage brands. They love creating the strategy for successful products and brands that people just need to own. Rival Brands adds momentum to your big ideas to help you define your niche, bring clarity to your brand positioning, find your names, and design the life into your brand at retail and online environments.

Rival Brands believes in creating a brand through the rich story that only owners can tell. A story that invokes curiosity and connectivity and sometimes challenges the status quo. Rival Brands says that successful brands lean hard on bold and differentiated ideas. These brands understand the territory they own, the advocates that support them and the naysayers that don't. There's nothing more powerful for a business owner than to understand their business through the lens of branding. Branding is the gateway to success. Rival Brands has helped their clients build brands that have changed the local and global food community we live in. And they couldn't be happier about it.

Rival Brands has been fortunate to work with such a unique and diverse array of clients in Vermont and nationally. Past and current clients include Cabot Creamery, Vermont Smoke and Cure, Fat Toad Farm, Blake Hill Preserves, Keurig, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, Shelburne Vineyard, Mad River Distillers, Live Young Kitchen, New Leaf Tree Syrups, Orb Weaver Farm, St. Elmo Steakhouse and Metropolitan Grill. In addition, they've worked to support the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets and The Vermont Food Venture Center as they foster new and upcoming food producers into the Vermont food landscape.

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Did you know that Rival Brands re-designed our associations logo last year? We love the modern, innovative, and vibrant look of our new logo. Thank you Rival Brands!