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VSFA Member Spotlight - Feb. 2020

Potlicker Kitchen - VSFA Member Spotlight

Produced in Stowe, Vermont, Potlicker Kitchen has been crafting award winning jam, jellies and pickles since 2009. Nancy Warner, a local and wild food enthusiast, began her specialty food journey by launching a food blog as an outlet for her canning hobby. One winter after running out of fruits and vegetables, Warner rummaged through her pantry for ingredient inspiration. Her signature Beer Jelly was born.

Ten years later, Potlicker now produces over two dozen product flavors. Warner enjoys meeting her customers and sharing her story and process. Brand recognition and, “watching people try and love my products,” is the most rewarding part of owning her business. As a business owner, Warner says she is always learning. “The daily job shift, knowing how to do everything in the business and time management,” are challenges she says. The reward is looking back at her accomplishments and feeling incredibly proud. Warner shares that, “I started this business while I was going to the food shelf and boot strapped my way to $500k in sales in 5 years.” Warner is fueled by her experience and ready to face new challenges.

For new business owners, Warner stresses the importance of cash flow and the benefit in adapting quickly to implement change when needed. “Be prepared to learn it all and do it all until you are sick of it,” Warner advises. After that, she says you will fall in love with your business all over again.

Entering the food manufacturing industry with no prior experience, Warner thought joining the VSFA was a good first step. “First I benefitted from the collective knowledge, now I benefit from the community strength as much as anything,” she shares.

Potlicker Kitchen has received recognition and awards in the specialty food industry including the Good Food Awards, Dalemain Marmalade Awards, and the Specialty Food Association sofi Awards. Right here in Vermont, Potlicker was recently featured in the Stowe Guide & Magazine and Best of Central Vermont.

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