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Member Spotlight: Vermont Fresh Pasta

Member Spotlight: Vermont Fresh Pasta

In 1992 Vermont Fresh Pasta was founded in the basement of Tricia and Ken Jarecki’s Killington restaurant Powderhounds. For the past 28 years they have been producing their line of fresh and local pasta, ravioli, and sauces. In 2006 they moved their production facility into it’s current home at, “the old Black River Produce building” in Proctorsville. Tricia and Ken remain, “Faithful to Tradition” by handcrafting their fresh pasta and ravioli to order using old world techniques. “Pasta,” they say “as it was meant to be.” Vermont Fresh crafts their products with the finest all- natural ingredients including 100% Durum & Semolina flour and low moisture Impastata ricotta cheese.

They produce close to 100 flavors of ravioli, 5 flavors of fresh pasta in a variety of cuts and shapes, a line of unique pestos and sauces, and more! Vermont Fresh products are offered in retail-packs for stores as well as bulk for restaurants. Coming from a background in the restaurant industry means that Tricia and Ken understand the challenges and needs of today’s culinary professionals.

Co-Owner Ken believes that the magic and majesty of Vermont’s natural landscapes is what he really finds most rewarding about owning his own business in Vermont. Spending the 70’s and 80’s in NYC, Ken and Tricia would frequently travel to Vermont to enjoy the four seasons as they changed. “It was our dream that one day we would move to Vermont and open our own business.”. That dream was well ahead of its time, and that is one of the things they’re most proud of. “28 years ago, Vermont Fresh had a vision of being ‘Fresh and Local’. We were ahead of the times. Fresh and local has now become the current food movement and we are excited about being in a position to do what we do best.”

Achieving a dream does not come without its challenges, and Vermont Fresh pasta has seen its fair share. The initial vision for Vermont Fresh was to be a local supplier of fresh, high quality pasta products. That vision expanded when Whole Foods selected them to be their private label. At that time, they were in over 50 whole foods stores in New England and the North Atlantic region. It was the bulk of the business and business was booming. However, as happens when working with large corporates, Whole Foods purchasing tapered off and then ceased.

While that may seem negative to some, Vermont Fresh saw it as rejuvenating. It was an opportunity to return to their roots. Tricia and Ken refocused, pushing forward with their initial vision of being a local supplier working with chefs and communities to turn their visions into reality. “We have always had a very eclectic approach to pasta and ravioli flavors, evidenced by the over 100 varieties of pasta and ravioli we produce. We have tried to accommodate new trends, like veganism. Sourcing hard to find ingredients has always been our forte. Chefs like the fact that we are a made to order product. Every week, Tricia personally calls each of our customers for orders which are then made fresh and shipped by the end of that week.”

As longtime VSFA members, Vermont Fresh has found VSFA to be closely aligned with the values and interests of Vermont Specialty Food Producers. “Vermont has always been a leader and innovator in the Fresh and Local food movement. One of the things we like most about Vermont is the way local communities amongst and between each other form bonds for the common good. Vermont Specialty Food Association was created with both of these things in mind. As a member of VSFA, Vermont Fresh Pasta has benefited from their ability to facilitate the interaction of food producers, farms and restaurants. And lastly, VSFA is instrumental in promoting all Vermont Specialty Producers through its website, advertisements and events. We are honored to be a VSFA member!”

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