Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont LLC

Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont™ is Vermont's Other Syrup™. Produce from small family farms is preserved with organic cane sugar and water. Our delicious premium Farm to Bar craft cocktail syrups are made in small batches through the Vermont Food Venture Center in Hardwick, Vermont and A Drop Of Joy in Williston, Vermont.

Sumptuous Syrups™ concentrated craft cocktail syrups are luscious flavoring ingredients designed to inspire creativity and link the farm to the glass. Made for cocktails and mocktails and used for everything from flavored water, sodas, and other beverages to cooking and desserts. Farm fresh produce and organic cane sugar. Handmade in Vermont.


Name Linda Fox
Phone 802-441-5566
Address Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont LLC
PO Box 442 2067 Bayley-Hazen Rd
Hardwick, VT 05843