Setting Up Shop Online

Setting Up Shop Online

We understand that many businesses are shifting their focus to market and sell their products online in the wake of COVID-19. We have compiled a few resources that you may want to consider to help navigate that world.

1. How to set up an online platform: Uptown Cow has a comprehensive, easy to follow guide on how to set up an online platform. They also put together a Growth Guide for retailers that already have platforms.

2. Online Shipping Fulfillment: AGH Fulfillment and A Slice of Vermont can bring in specialty food vendors as long as their products are shelf stable without refrigeration. They can help you start selling through A Slice of Vermont or just do fulfillment for you if you are selling on your own website. AGH will offer free storage up to 1 pallet or equivalent for VSFA members. They'll work with you even if you only need a short term help during the shut down while your employees may be forced to stay at home.

Here is a brief outline. You can use one or both of their services:

3. Online Wholesale Platform: Mable is a wholesale platform to help retailers, brands and distributors do business together. Mable's mission is to make it easier for retailers to stock & restock shelves, easier for brands to reach more retailers cost effectively, and easier for distributors to offer a simple ordering solution for their customers. Mable is a great way to get discovered by new retailers.

Feel free to reach out with any questions to Kristin who works with all their brands at

Relevant Webinars

Getting started with virtual retail in the Covid19 era

With the closure of businesses nationwide, the ability to sell product direct to consumer online is more important than ever. Jacob Dubois, founder of Burlington based UpTown Cow, leads this session on virtual retail platforms. Uptown Cow is a full service e-commerce management company that works with clients to grow their online sales.

Jacob covers how to get started with online selling platforms, plugins, photography tips, and more. You'll leave the session with a solid understanding of how to get your e-commerce program up and running.

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E-Commerce Webinar Series 

The Vermont Specialty Food Association developed this webinar series in partnership with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets. This series will focused on certain aspects of E-Commerce for companies looking to expand, leverage, and grow their current E-Commerce business. Thank you to Lean Edge Marketing and KW Content for sharing their expertise and developing these sessions with us.

1.Optimizing your E-Commerce Strategy, Presented by Bud Reed, Lean Edge Marketing

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Slide Presentation - Optimizing E-Commerce Strategy

Best Google Analytics Reports - Lean Edge

2. Selling on Amazon, Presented by Tom Funk, Lean Edge Marketing

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Slide Presentation - Selling on Amazon

3. Digital

Communication with Consumers, Presented by Katie Wight, KW Content

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Marketing Terms Glossary - KW Content

Advanced E-Commerce Optimization Webinar

On this webinar, Bud Reed, Partner, Lean Edge Marketing covers:

Thank you to our Webinar Sponsor: Gravel & Shea!

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