Baby Bundts of Vermont LLC

Baby Bundts of Vermont produces 3 Decadent, Wholesome, and Gluten Free varieties of Baby Bundt Cakes. They are 4 inches and serve 1-2 persons. Our flavors are: Chocolate Espresso with a Vanilla glaze, Cinnamon Swirl with a dark robust Maple glaze, and Banana Fosters (which is gf and df) with a dark Rum glaze. All our cakes are made with our hand created gf flour blends. Some have ground nut flours, and they all contain a secret ingredient- an ancient grain called Teff.

After 20 years as a certified pastry chef, I have discovered the world of gluten-free baking. What started as a scientific experiment has become a love for ancients grains, nut flours, and delicious combinations, resulting in the most delectable, gluten-free creations. This journey has shown me the importance of understanding the gluten-free lifestyle, whether that lifestyle is by medical necessity or by choice. Customers can feel confident that whatever the reason they choose Baby Bundts, we are certified GF – taking the worry out of your enjoyment of my mouth-watering, scrumptious creations. My love of baking combined with my passion for helping others will keep you coming back for more. Now, you can have your cake and eat it, too!


Name Michelle Tomlinson
Phone 802-498-4168
Address Baby Bundts of Vermont LLC
4351 Randolph Rd.
Morrisville, VT 05661