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Member:   Rival Brands
About Us:
Rival Brands is a creative agency that loves to create, evolve, and grow brands. We specialize in unique, original, and creative solutions that communicate your brandís value by focusing on the tenetís of what makes your brand strong. We believe in creating brands through rich stories that surprise and delight. Stories that invoke curiosity and challenge the status quo. Weíre masters of packaging that can wrap intricately designed stories around artisan products. And we continue to support your products with collateral, point of sale, tradeshow spaces, and digital communications that create memorable experiences and long lasting consumer connections. Our services include branding, (naming, identity design & visual systems, brand story, voice, and messaging development) packaging design, (labels, new custom packaging structures, point of sale) support collateral including catalogs and sell sheets, tradeshow spaces and displays, and digital design including websites and social media assets.

What we produce:
Rival Brands creates strong brands for those who want to lead.

How to contact us:
Steve Redmond
757 Shelburne Falls Rd.
Hinesburg, VT 05461
Tel: 802-482-6800
Web site: