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Member Benefits

Vermont Specialty Food Association is one of the nation’s most respected and experienced specialty food associations, helping industry members grow their business and promoting the Vermont brand. VSFA is an investment in your business that will pay dividends.

There are several membership benefits available to you through your VSFA membership, including an associate membership in our partner association, the Vermont Retail & Grocers Association (VRGA). If you would like more information, we can send you the details. 

Some of the programs and services offered include:
  • Money Saving Programs – Through the affiliation with the Vermont Retail & Grocers Association, members have access to credit card processing, dental insurance, a dividend potential business insurance plan, shipping and much more.

  • Staying Informed – VSFA forwards regular updates on pertinent industry news and events in addition to a monthly newsletter.

  • Networking – One of the biggest values in any organization is the ability to meet and learn from industry colleagues. VSFA offers members an email listserve for posing questions, a mentoring program for new members and industry meetings and events to meet in person. The Vermont food producers are a family.

  • Promotion – VSFA helps members promote their products at several key events and industry shows. Producers can reach buyers and members of the public through many of these venues.

  • Assistance The association offers financial assistance to industry shows when it is able to qualify for various grants.

  • Buyers In addition to industry trade shows, VSFA is a co-sponsor of the Vermont Matchmaker event that brings buyers and producers together for short buying sessions. VSFA members are also automatically members of the Vermont Grocers’ Association, which is the organization of food retailers throughout Vermont.

  • Information – VSFA brings members pertinent workshops and educational opportunities at its annual meeting and other times during the year.

  • Social Media – VSFA promotes members through social media such as Facebook and twitter.

  • Website, Rack Cards and Directory & Reference Guide – VSFA members are prominently promoted on the association’s website, throughout the state on rack cards in welcome areas, in the Vermont Retail & Grocers Association Directory & Reference Guide. The Directory & Reference Guide includes Vermont food producers, which is widely distributed to wholesale, retail buyers and consumers.

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